Australia Day civil war: Lamb-lovers and vegans have 10/10 ad feud

Comedian Dave Hughes has released a video addressing the notion that not eating meat is ‘unAustralian’ – just in time for Australia Day!

Australia Day is the time of year where we are all expected to throw a BBQ and get all of our mates around to fry up a large assortment of meat products to be enjoyed with a cold beer or fifteen.

What could be more Australian?

Well, not every citizen of our great nations is a fan of the consumption of meat products and that is ok.

A message that Hughesy has taken to a Bill Clinton inspired national address to bring to the people.

Over the years, we’ve seen a number of Australia Day lamb ads take to the airwaves. Some with better feedback than others.

This year’s edition of the ad is an absolute ripper.

A modern day advertising masterpiece which combines everyone’s favourite Australian stereotypes, but also not being racist or controversial – so everyone can actually enjoy it.

Also, Adam Gilchrist shows his acting skills are equal to his ability to hit cricket balls crazy far.

But don’t take my word for it, check out the multicultural masterpiece.

However, last year’s ad wasn’t quite as well received. There was outcry following its debut in January 2016, that the ad had poked a little too much fun at vegans and showed disrespect to indigenous people through its jocular use of the term ‘operation Boomerang.’

The ad starred SBS newsreader Lee Lin Chin as well as everyone’s favourite lamb spokesman Sam Kekovich and revolved around a need to ensure Aussies around the globe had their lamb fix on Australia Day. It featured footage of a flame thrower torching a vegan’s bowl of kale which was deemed inflammatory by many.

In a sense, Hughes’ message and that of the new lamb ad are one in the same.

They encourage Australians to embrace diversity and the uniqueness of each and every member of Australian society. Whether they’re from England or Greece or the Middle East, whether they’re carnivorous, herbivorous or abstain from the consumption of animal products altogether.

So remember, this Australia Day, don’t judge others, just embrace them and share a nice cold beer to celebrate our history.
Cheers to that Hughesy!