This rapper freestyles about any object the audience throws at him…and CRUSHES it

I’ve watched this so many times, and every viewing makes less and less sense. BUT SERIOUSLY, YOU GUYS, HOW IS THIS EVEN POSSIBLE?!

I have some theories:

1. He is an actual wizard and/or has mastered the dark arts.
2. He has fashioned some sort of time-travelling device allowing him to know which objects the audience were going to bring to the concert.
3. In his ear is a tiny, invisible earpiece in which the ghost of Tupac is feeding him lines.

Have a watch for yourself.

I’ll give you a second to gather yourself and pick your jaw up off the flaw.

What you just witnessed was Indiana rapper, MC Supernatural, performing at the Coronado Springs and getting the audience to hand objects to him as he freestyles about them.

He calls it ‘The Freestyle Obstacle Course’.

But what’s so freaking impressive about this is not just Supernatural’s uncanny ability to rattle-off killer punchlines like off the dome, like this:

*Grabs guy’s wallet*
“Transform, lyrics be warned
Supernatural grabs the mic, and I’ve never been a pawn;
it looks kinda real, but I think you’ve got a fake Luis Vuitton.

It’s the fact that he does it without interrupting his flow, somehow effortlessly weaving all these impromptu lines into a fully crafted song.

The thought that a young kid from Indiana could grow up and make a living from freestyle rapping is frankly, outrageous.

The genre exists almost wholly in the confines of underground competitions in urban communities and street corners. And while many, like Eminem, used it as a platform for mainstream success, very few have been able to carve out a career from freestyling.

But he moved to New York, built a name for himself in the underground scene there and eventually got his big break after a fortuitous meeting with activist rap icon, KRS-One.

Since then he’s hosted his own radio show and performed all around the world, breaking new ground and forging his own path when there wasn’t one there for him to follow.

He attributes his incredible rap skills to one thing:

“You just practice”, Supernatural told Red Bull.

But it also took vision, creativity and determination to turn what seemed like an outrageously unlikely and unheralded career path into a reality.

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