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Pin-up posters with cats are so much better than the originals

For her series of pin-up posters, Perth-based advertising freelancer Rachael Aslett has found the purrfect alternative to female models: cats!

In Aslett’s Tumblr blog Cats That Look Like Pin Up Girls, she matches vintage pin-up model posters with cats pictured doing the same poses.

The blog, which now has over 70K followers on Facebook, was initially created for cheeky clothing brand Hurly Burly. The company was about to open a new store in Perth, and Aslett had to promote their website.

Since the brand carried pin-up style clothes and also sponsored the Miss Pinup Australia Competition, she decided to put felines into the mix, and voila, a blog about sexy cats!

To this day, Aslett continues to run the blog, and has even gotten offers to publish her content into a book.

On her matching process, Aslett told Fast Company that she doesn’t have a strict process for finding photos.

“I don’t tend to look for the cat or the pin-up girl first, in particular,” she said. “If I find a particularly interestingly posed cat photo, I save it and just hope to find a pin-up that matches.

“When I see an image, I will just know that I have a match for it saved.” Aslett added, “Strangely enough, I have found that male cats are actually the best matches.”

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