Featured Image for Move over, diamonds: breathtaking wooden rings are now a thing

Move over, diamonds: breathtaking wooden rings are now a thing

Canadian company Secret Wood uses wood, resin, and beeswax to handcraft wooden rings with fantasy worlds within.

No two rings are exactly alike, and they take over a month to make. Each item varies in price and all shipped worldwide.

I’m hoping they’ll soon share a video of their process to show the incredible amount of work and attention to detail put into their trade. Secret Wood has rings depicting everything from midnight snowfall  to rocky lagoons, and you can pick your favourite style for them to create. Your world is truly their oyster, so to speak.

It’s no surprise that Secret Wood is based out of Canada’s hippest city, Vancouver. Buzzfeed quoted one of the co-founders, appropriately named Roman Wood.

“British Columbia itself is an infinite source of inspiration for us. We’re surrounded by turquoise lakes, snow-capped mountains, unique forests, crashing waterfalls, and of course, the majestic Pacific Ocean,” he said.

You really need to turn the ring to see the depth of it, so visit their online shop, and check them out from multiple angles.

Secret wood Ocean Oasis Ring
Waltz of the winds ring from Secret Wood
Enchanted Forest Ring by Secret Wood
AURORA BOREALIS ring by Secret Wood
special Edition Secret Wood ring ETHEREAL BLOSSOM

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