Jimmy Fallon’s Golden Globes opening monologue was a trainwreck

Broken teleprompters, racially problematic impersonations – Jimmy Fallon’s first year hosting the Golden Globes got off to a very rocky start.

You can never win hosting an awards show – people will always find a way to tear you to shreds, but the Tonight Show host didn’t do himself any favours.

First off, the teleprompter kicked the bucket which is, admittedly, any host’s worst nightmare. But Fallon wasn’t able to deal with the situation with any sort of grace or humour.

Instead of trying to vamp till they got it working again, he fumbled around awkwardly in one of the most uncomfortable Golden Globe moments in recent memory:

There were the obligatory Donald Trump gags *yawn* which were fine I guess, but pretty tame given the likes of Ricky Gervais have hosted the event in the past.

Things then got weird when he started to do impersonations – which are fine for Saturday Night Live, but don’t really cut it for the Golden Globes.

One in particular raised some eyebrows – his impersonation of comedian Chris Rock.

And people were…less than impressed with his highly questionable Sting impression:

It’s a thankless, nightmarish job hosting the Golden Globes though, and it’s very easy for us to sit back and criticise.

At least he had a crack.