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Study shows people spend two years of their life hungover

That’s a lot of time telling yourself you’re never drinking again – and breaking it the next weekend.

According to a study of 2,000 Brits aged between 18 and 78, the average adult will wake up to a horrible hangover once a month. Over a lifetime, that’s about 724 days – or roughly two years – of having terrible headaches and regretting bad decisions.

Conducted by British vitamin company Healthspan, the survey also revealed that five percent of respondents had a hangover six or more times a month. That’s about 12 years of your life. 12 YEARS!

The study also asked about the best cures for hangovers, with the top result being water. Also high on the list were sleeping in, a shower, fresh air, and painkillers. But if you’re getting shitfaced more than six times a month, maybe the best cure would be to see a professional.

Based on data from the World Health Organization, Britain is only 25th in the world in terms of alcohol consumption per capita per year. The average Brit drinks 11.6 litres of alcohol per year, paling in comparison to Belarus’ 17.5 litres per year.

Other countries rounding the top five are Moldova, Lithuania, Russia, and Romania. Australia, meanwhile, comes in at 19th place, chugging down 12.2 litres of alcohol annually.

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