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This is the oldest photo of Paris and the first ever photo of humans

In 1839, daguerreotype inventor Louis Daguerre looked out over the Boulevard du Temple in Paris and made photography history.

The following picture is considered to be the oldest photo of Paris. It was taken by Daguerre from up above his 350-seat Diorama Building at 4, Rue Sanson, and looked southwards towards the rooftops of Boulevard du Temple.

If the street looks kind of empty and devoid of pedestrians and traffic, that’s because they weren’t captured by the technology’s long 10-minute exposure.

But if you look on the lower left corner of the photo, there’s a man having his shoe shined near the street corner. As it turns out, they stood still long enough to be captured – resulting in the first ever picture of humans.

The oldest photo of Paris

Just imagine the number of likes Daguerre would have gotten on Instagram with that!

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