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Watch Tesla’s autopilot predict a crash between two other cars

A dashcam footage taken in the Netherlands shows the potential of autonomous driving technology after it predicted an accident two cars ahead.

The following video shows a Tesla Model S cruising along the A2 motorway near Eindhoven when the vehicle’s Forward Collision Warning system beeps. Moments later, a car just up ahead rear-ends an SUV, and sends the latter rolling down the highway.

Luckily, Tesla’s emergency brake system has already kicked in even before driver Hans Noordsij could react and apply the brakes manually – preventing a near pileup.

All parties involved in the accident “turned out to be OK,” according to Noordsij.

With 1.25 million global traffic deaths each year, Tesla CEO Elon Musk believes that his company’s software could help dramatically decrease this number. After a series of accidents – and one death – involving earlier versions of their Autopilot, Tesla added radar capability to their cars.

Now, the vehicles are able to ‘see’ further than what human eyes can, and apply the emergency brakes when trouble arises.

This new upgrade was pushed out to all Tesla vehicles equipped with first generation Autopilot, and will soon be pushed to cars with second generation Autopilot hardware.

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