Ouch! Mariah Carey puts a fitting end to 2016 with a disastrous New Year’s Eve performance

The stage was set for a show stopping finale to what has been a calamitous 2016. Global superstar Mariah Carey took to New York’s Times Square to entertain a million revelers as the clock wound down to midnight. But all didn’t quite go to plan!

The performance quickly went off the rails due to unspecified ‘technical difficulties’ with Carey stuttering about the stage awkwardly, refusing to sing, making snide comments about how awful it was all going for her, and then, ultimately not even bothering to disguise the fact that she was lip synching to her hit single, We Belong Together.


That this was all live broadcast to millions around the world made it all the more humiliating, reflected in the Tweet she subsequently sent out that foreshadowed more headlines to follow in 2017. Ah, yes, indeed!