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Girl’s dashed hopes at an Uber-romance go viral on Twitter (surprise, surprise)

Everyone loves to hate on social media, but read this 19-year-old girl’s dramatic blow-by-blow of an Uber driver’s rejection for a hilarious reminder that the art of storytelling is always evolving.

This is the actual thread of this girl’s evening and strategy to pick up an Uber driver in a nutshell: Twitter user KelliAmirah quickly realised she was attracted to her driver, left her phone charger in his car with the hopes she could meet up with him again, and after a few days of painful waiting, he messaged her back and eventually returned her charger.

She bravely asked him out at this point, and then he texted to tell her he was married.

Stories like these that, when told as above, are slightly bland. But with funny pictures, memes, GIFS and screenshots of her messages where she deliberates with her girlfriends, the story becomes FAR more entertaining, visual and hilarious.

The fact that she documented some of the situations while they were happening adds to the suspense. The best thing about the story is Kelli’s self-deprecation.

If you read some over her other tweets since her incident, she’s gained at least 1,000 new Twitter followers and is now trying desperately to get her story on The Ellen Show.

Read the more entertaining version below.

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