Canva’s Sydney office is way, wayyyy better than your office

Do you hate your job? Most people do. But you toil away at it, thinking to yourself, “This is just how life is. It’s not like you’re supposed to enjoy work.”

Well, you might want to sit down before reading the rest of this.

A bunch of self-satisfied showoffs at Canva, a Sydney-based graphic design company, are doing just that. And they’re gloating about it in the Daily Mail!

Just look at their smug faces as they enjoy a nice alcoholic beverage at their Surry Hills, drawing income while getting soused.

Not mad yet? Try this on for size: the people at Canva are seen here going on a free overseas trip together, laughing and hamming it up for the camera while you sit hungover at your cubicle.

Seriously, do these people ever do any work? Well, they did include this token picture of a “work” meeting in their Daily Mail profile, which honestly looks more relaxed than most people’s weekends.

They also have a team of people just to look after employees! They have two chefs who cook lunch and make snacks every day! They have an events team!

Alright, alright. I can’t really be mad at these people. They look like nice people who are enjoying themselves. And good for them, trying to improve the misery of working life.

But it does seem a bit strange: who flies around the world, drinks at work, and then posts pictures of it in a major media outlet, bragging about how easy and great it is to work at their company? Who would do that?

Vampires, that’s who.

I’m not saying the people who run Canva are definitely vampires. I’m just saying, if you were a vampire, and you needed a constant supply of unwitting victims to keep up your supply of freshly drained blood, how would you lure them in? Exactly like this!

But you don’t believe in vampires, do you? And you like booze, right? And traveling. And you have delicious fresh blood flowing through your veins? Then apply to work at Canva today!