Featured Image for This moon lighting is sure to give you good mood lighting

This moon lighting is sure to give you good mood lighting

A rad website called Future Fair showcases independent designers across Asia. One of the designers is called GuerillaX, and they’ve got lamps that look like moons. Talk about natural lighting!

Collaborating with a local master potter, GuerillaX has created a round lamp with a white surface, much like the moon appears from far away. If you look closer at the inside of the lamp, there are craters just like you find inside a moon.

These folks aren’t the only ones thinking about good moon lighting. Check out these Luna moons that come in a variety of sizes and you can roll around on your floor.

Or, you can just make your own moon lamp by following these simple instructions with some balloons, glue and paper towels. Get crafty via this link.

If you prefer sunshine over moonshine, check out this amazing initiative by  artist Olafur Eliasson and engineer Frederik Ottesen. The two have created solar powered lights in the shape of little suns.

They are sold all over the world, and according to their Little Sun website, the business is organised so that for every little sun sold in the US, Australia, Europe, one of their partners or entrepreneurs sells a similar product in a part of the world without electricity at a fair, locally affordable price.


our examples of Luna lights in different shapes and sizes with different people
example of little sun light