Student lets his iPhone get stolen, secretly records thief to make a film

There’s nothing like a refreshing glass of ice-cold revenge to soothe the damaged pride of a victim of theft, but maybe this is going a little far? 

Film student Anthony van der Meer was one such victim. While in Amsterdam, his smartphone went missing. However, by the time he had reported it to the police the thief had taken out the SIM card and disconnected the device.

Despite its promising name, the Find My Phone application was useless once the user memory was wiped.

But rather than forgetting the incident, Anthony developed a curiosity about the 300 phones reported stolen to Dutch police each week, most of which are never recovered. He bought a new handset and installed anti-theft software that allowed him to access the device (including its microphone and camera) remotely even if the SIM card is removed and the memory wiped.

The difficult part of Anthony’s investigation was getting this Trojan-Horse-Phone into the hands of a thief. Unexpectedly it seems getting robbed on purpose it very hard to do! Finally, after four days of standing with his back to a blatantly open backpack in public Anthony got his wish and his phone was stolen.

What follows is a fascinating insight into the journey of a stolen phone and the people whose hands it ends up in.

Via The Next Web

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