This Death Star gingerbread house is so much better than your gingerbread house

Dear fellow Star Wars nerds, all our Christmas dreams have come true.

I shudder to think how much time was spent making this, but however many hours/days/lightyears were spent, all I know is that it was a billion per cent worth it.

Some absolute bloody hero has uploaded their frankly unbelievable creation for the Christmas of 2016 – behold, in all its glory:

It’s put together with curved gingerbread, welded with icing and intricately covered in wreaths, gingerbread men, snowflakes and candy canes.

Little more is known about this mysterious gingerbread house – other than a user by the name of ‘TheyWillKnowMeByTheTrailOfDead’ uploaded it to Imgur over the weekend.

No word yet on how they managed to do it, but we’ll be following the story closely.