Featured Image for Bill Leak mocks LGBTQ youth suicide rate in latest disgusting cartoon

Bill Leak mocks LGBTQ youth suicide rate in latest disgusting cartoon

Bill Leak prides himself on writing morally bankrupt cartoons for one of Australia’s largest newspapers – and he’s outdone himself this time.


You might remember Bill Leak as the guy who drew those heinously offensive and racist cartoons about Indigenous people earlier in the year.

But now that The Australian’s cartoonist has a different marginalised group in his sights, the country’s LGBTQI community.

This week, most of the political headlines have been about Malcolm Turnbull’s unexpected and incredibly brief resurgence as a staunch Republican.

Bill Leak saw the opportunity, not to comment on Australia shedding its monarchist roots, but rather shoe-horn it into an attack on young, gay Australians.

He’s very clever like that!

You would think that Australia’s tragically high youth suicide rates would have nothing to do with the Republican dinner, you would be wrong!:

Bill Leak, The Australian, 19/12/2016

Bill Leak, The Australian, 19/12/2016

You only have to go back a few weeks to see the story of 13-year-old Tyrone Unsworth, who committed suicide after relentless homophobic bullying from classmates.

But Bill Leak doesn’t see this, he sees a punchline.

Same-sex attracted Australians try to commit suicide at a rate 14-times higher than the rest of the country.

This isn’t something to be laughed at or sneered at.

It’s not a joke, it’s not funny, and it’s not a punchline for hack cartoonists to use to push their own agenda.