Featured Image for A rare cloud in the shape of the Death Star appeared over Japan

A rare cloud in the shape of the Death Star appeared over Japan

No one panic just yet. That’s not a galactic superweapon, it’s actually just a spherical cloud hovering over the city of Fujisawa in Japan.

The mysterious round cloud appeared last week for a few minutes in the afternoon before quickly vanishing into thin air. The phenomenon sent Japanese social media abuzz, with some saying it looked like a dragon’s nest while others commenting, “I hope it is not a strange omen.”

This isn’t the first time such a cloud has appeared over Japan. In 2015, a similar phenomenon occurred.

Many have speculated this to be a roll cloud, a rare cloud formation that’s suspended low in the sky, and is formed by cold fronts. The phenomenon is most common in Australia, where it even has the nickname ‘Morning Glory’.

Todd Lane, an atmospheric scientist at the University of Melbourne, meanwhile, thinks that the cloud isn’t special.

“While I can’t verify the origin of this image, or whether it was even of the same cloud, it appears that the cloud only appeared spherical from one direction,” Lane told ScienceAlert.

“That is, the photographer was lucky to be in the right place to capture an interesting image of what is likely an uninteresting cloud.”

What do you think? Round cloud, perfectly-angled cloud, or Death Star?

Via ScienceAlert