Featured Image for This Aussie church’s controversial Christmas sign is actually genius

This Aussie church’s controversial Christmas sign is actually genius

Churches aren’t necessarily known for having the best sense of humour, but Trinity City Church in Adelaide has been able to buck the trend this year.

The billboard has divided church-goers and onlookers, but once the penny drops you’ll see why it’s a pretty good effort:

Trinity City Church's controversial billboard. (Image: Matt Loxton

Trinity City Church’s controversial billboard. (Image: Matt Loxton

Is it a sarcastic dig at your heathen lifestyles?


Are they trying to get people to come into their congregation for god-fearing marriage advice?


Unwed couple, surprise pregnancy and an unknown father – it sounds like the plot for a mid-afternoon soap opera, but the church wants you to know it’s the story of Jesus.

Whether you believe in the story of Christ or you have serious doubts about Mary’s story – everyone can admit, it’s a damn good sign.

So why did they do it?

Well, Chris Jolliffe, a representative from the church told Adelaide Now that the billboard was made to prompt people to reflect on the original Christmas story.

“Christ’s coming was not tame or polite, but scandalous,” he told the paper.

He also said the locals haven’t exactly been quick on the uptake.

“By far the most common response has been confusion,” he said.