Legen…dary: The HIMYM spin-off is actually a thing that’s happening

How I Met Your Mother is…wait for it…getting its own spin-off.

Details are still pretty scarce, but what we do know is 20th Century Fox has put the show into development, according to Variety magazine.

It’s titled How I Met Your Dad, because I guess, what else would they call it?

We also know that they’re going to use a completely new cast with new characters, so don’t expect to see your old faves returning anytime soon.

HIMYD is going to have an interesting crinkle in that its lead is likely to be a female – so it’ll be great to see some more women taking centre stage on our televisions.

Way back in 2014 they made a pilot for the show (with Greta Gerwig as the lead and Meg Ryan the narrator), but it was promptly canned when CBS determined that it wasn’t up to scratch.

Hopefully the studio has a bit more luck with the reboot and we’ll have the show on our screens ASAP!

Now to tide you over, why not kick back with the best moments from the original series?