Mum gets her kid to eat healthy by turning food into cartoons

Every parent knows that it’s hard to get children to eat their veggies – unless of course, you have them viciously cannibalise their favourite cartoon characters.

Melbourne-based mum and food artist Laleh Mohmedi gets her four-year-old son, Jacob, to eat nutricious meals by arranging the items into famous pop culture characters.

For instance, Mike Wazowski from ‘Monster, Inc.’ is made from avocadoes and a boiled egg, while Shrek is composed of spinach mash, free-range chicken bits, and chia seeds. Other characters include Aladdin’s Genie, Spongebob Squarepants, and Carl from ‘UP’.

“The night before, Jacob tells me what character he wants,” she told Daily Mail. “When he tells me what character he wants from a book or something he’s seen, I Google the image and see what colors they use.”

It’s a bit harder when her ingredients don’t match certain skin tones, so Mohmedi improvises by using organic dyes such as purple cabbage and beetroot. The entire process can take her anywhere from 20 to 35 minutes.

The effort, though, is completely worth it, especially once she sees her child’s excitement for healthy food.

“I look back at my first one and it was so simple and plain, but the kids don’t know any better,” she said. “Jacob’s excitement from the first one I made to the ones I make now is the same.”

You can see more of Mohmedi’s edible art over on Instagram.