The #OneFingerSelfieChallenge is the bawdiest trend on social media right now

Move over, Mannequin Challenge. There’s a new trend sweeping the internet.

The #OneFingerSelfieChallenge is the latest – and possibly the most risqué – craze on social media. It involves women standing naked in front of a mirror and, as the name implies, use one strategically-placed finger to cover both breasts and private parts.

The concept came from an illustration from Japanese anime artist ‘Sky-FreeDom’, depicting a girl doing the aforementioned pose.

It goes without saying that this craze is completely NSFW. Teen Vogue recently likened it to past trends – such as Kylie Jenner lip challenge and the panty challenge – that “open the door for body shaming.”

Transgender blogger Delia Melody, on the other hand, found the experience liberating, captioning her photo: “Yes, I’m #transgender, yes my boobs are real, No, I haven’t had ‘The Surgery™’ and yes, I nailed the #onefingerselfiechallenge.”

What do you think? Would you try out this trend?