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Scumbag Martin Shkreli just got owned by some Australian school kids

Martin Shkreli is probably the most hated man in America. And he just got owned by a bunch of Australian high school students. 

Shkreli has been widely reviled ever since he raised the price of the drug Daraprim from $13USD ($18AUD) per pill to a whopping $750 USD ($1,010 AUD) per pill, back in 2015. Daraprim is an anti-parasite drug that is used by many HIV/AIDS patients. After Shkreli hiked the price, public outcry against his greed was swift and brutal.


Shkreli ended up being called to testify before Congress about his decision, and gave one of the most insufferably douchey testimonies of all time, smirking his way through the hearing as he refused to answer questions.


But Shkreli seemed to relish the notoriety, quickly becoming an annoying media figure as he took to his new supervillain persona. He’s had several high-profile public feuds, including one with Stephen Colbert over this video:


To which Shkreli responded by making the following suggestion to Colbert:


His next feud was with none other than Ghostface Killah of the Wu-Tang Clan, who had publicly criticized Shkreli in an interview. Shkreli seemed to revel in the controversy. Warming to his role as a self-styled Bond villain, he posted this insanely ridiculous response in which he threatens Ghostface with a group of masked men:


Not a great idea, Shkreli. As Action Bronson can tell you, if you want to step to the Iron Man Ghostdini, you’d better be serious about it. Ghostface’s response video is too hilarious to leave out:


But so far, all of these feuds have been about Shkreli’s petty ego. Until now. His newest enemies have gone one better by actually synthesizing Shkreli’s product. Better yet: they’re a bunch of 17 year old Australian high school students!


And what does Shkreli think of all this? Apparently, he’s not that impressed!

He also made a video response to the kids, which was thankfully a little less dramatic than his Ghostface video:


Sigh. He should probably be putting some of the R&D money towards a pill that cures douchebaggery. Thankfully, these kids seem like they’re probably smart enough to ignore a guy like Shkreli. No doubt they’ll be going on to bigger and better things in the near future too. Well done kids! And congratulations to Sydney Grammar School for having such outstanding students.