Featured Image for Electric Chaircuts: get tied up while you get your hair cut

Electric Chaircuts: get tied up while you get your hair cut

Who hasn’t dreamed of being tied to a chair, eyes and mouth taped shut, while a complete stranger uses vibrating devices to… cut your hair?

Better yet: those vibrating devices are hooked up to amplifiers, giving the whole experience a unique musical signature. This, in a nutshell, is what you can expect when you go for your first Electric Chaircut.

Here’s what happens: a mad genius/ performance artist by the name of Nelson Loskamp ties you down and covers your eyes and mouth, so you can’t see your haircut as it happens. That alone would be pretty intense.

But what takes it to the next level are the tools he uses. These aren’t normal scissors and clippers: they’re wired to effects pedals which are connected to amplifiers, so Nelson’s every snip creates a unique sound.

So will this be the right look for you? I guess you won’t know until you take off the blindfold. And that’s sort of the point of the experience: you have to trust the artist. In fact, you even have to sign a waiver before the fun begins.


According to the artist, when you get a Chaircut, “the boundary between the external and the internal shed their dichotomous nature, becoming a single route to a reinvestigation of the self.”

Probably not something you’ll see advertised in the window of your local JustCuts!


So are you brave enough to try out an Electric Chaircut? If so, go ahead and contact the artist himself, who can be reached at chaircut@gmail.com. I’d try it!

If you’re not quite brave enough but still think it’s pretty cool, why not buy the t-shirt?

Man receives haircut outdoors while blindfolded and with his mouth taped shut


Electric Chaircut Live Shot
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