Turn that frown upside down, this clinic prescribes films for all your life woes

Whether you’re trying to get over a bad breakup or simply hate your boss, there’s a movie that’s just what the doctor ordered.

Don’t be fooled by the name, The Armenian Clinic has nothing to do with the people of Armenia. It’s simply a reference to its street address.

The medicine men (and women) are Singaporean filmmakers, and they diagnose nearly anything under the psychosocial blanket, from conflicts at the workplace to emotional maladies, and prescribe a film to fix it.

The project is hosted by The Substation, an independent arts centre, and they call it “alternative medicine for the soul.”

How can you argue with a hip, artistic, social, and practical way to remedy your daily problems? Plus, you pay via barter system, so it’s virtually free.

“Each filmmaker will prescribe a healing film during an individual and personalised consultation. The clinic also features an in-house dispensary with state-of-the art therapy stations so you can watch your prescribed film right away,” writes the Substation website, A Home for the Arts.

This clinic is indicative of Singapore’s bourgeoning arts scene, as international art, film, and design projects become increasingly common in the ultramodern South East Asian city-state.

The Armenian Clinic opens its doors four days a week.