People are now thinking creative ways for the new Toblerone shape after it was made more “gappy”

The legendary Swiss chocolate bar Toblerone has changed shape – and people are not happy about this one.

There was always something special about this chocolate bar. It always seemed a little more prestigious than your average pack of favourites, and for some reason was the chocolate I always given at Father’s Day.

The Daily Mirror published an article on the pressing matter, which revealed that the chocolate bar will be made, in future, with larger gaps between the triangle pieces. They explained that this change was a result of increasing ingredient costs.

We are definitely not OK with this.

To disguise this change, Toblerone will maintain it’s original size, however the weight of the bar will decrease due to the widened gaps, and effectively less chocolate.

The company added this change was necessary to ensure the chocolate stays affordable.

Yes it may be affordable, but nonetheless disturbing.

Unfortunately and understandably, this recent update to the chocolate bar have left many in distress. As a result, people are searching for a way to return the chocolate to its former glory or, rather re-purpose the snack.

People have taken to social media to submit their ideas on alternate uses for the chocolate bar now that it has become a gappy disaster, like a child missing its two front teeth.

Check out the all new purposes for Toblerone here.