New Yorkers filled Manhattan Subway Passage with thousands of emotional post-it notes after shocking election

If we said the name Donald Trump, would you cringe? Thousands would. And the fact that he is America’s newest president is making people do more than just cringe. People are protesting in the most human way possible.

Yeah, this election has been shockingly ugly, but surprisingly the results have brought people together. The emotions and the tears have brought solidarity to the people of New York.

To fully understand Manhattan’s response to the election results, all you have to do is visit a particular subway station.

The station has been plastered with thousands of emotional words, phrases, and comments which depict the deepest feelings the nation’s citizens are experiencing.

The pastel post-it notes are a way of showing support and love for fellow Americans. It highlights the national pride which America is well known for and the togetherness of these people.

The wall was the idea of Matthew Chavez, an artist who felt it necessary to create a space where New Yorkers could express themselves and their emotions surrounding the election and the future of their country.

Over 80 per cent of New York voters did not vote for Republican Donald Trump. The defeat of Hilary Clinton, or more pointedly Trump’s election, has been disturbing for many and this wall has been a cathartic way for people to voice themselves.

The tunnel is a busy connection zone located between 14th Street stations at Seventh Avenue and Avenue of Americas. It is a typical Manhattan subway station which has become a pastel coloured support system. The wall is covered with messages of love, kindness, hope, fear, and anger.

Many messages are connected where people are replying to one another with messages of support. To an outsider, this leaves me in awe. The empathy humans are capable of is immeasurable.


About the author

Bronte is a media student at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT). She enjoys music, fitness, and exploring the city.