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Kraftwerk play live in Buenos Aires despite ban on electronic music shows

Electronic music pioneers Kraftwerk have performed a live show in Buenos Aires, defying a ban on electronic music venues imposed by officials of the Argentinian capital.

The maligned veto was enforced this past July after six attendees died at the popular Time Warp festival which had more than 10,000 partygoers. The police stated that all six incidents were caused by drug overdose, but witnesses who reported the festival was poorly ventilated and overcrowded have forced police to open a broader investigation that is currently ongoing.

A court in Buenos Aires ruled on the prohibition on major electronic music festivals on the assumption that this particular genre attracts the circulation of powerful and dangerous drugs. The ban states that “all electronic festivals are strictly prohibited” defining such gatherings as “musical events where the principal instrument is a synthesizer or a sampler”

Although not technically a festival, the Kraftwerk show was threatened with cancellation because the group “uses synthesizers or samplers as their primary instrument.”

An appeal made by the companies organising the show, in conjunction with a massive public outcry, forced officials to finally allow the concert, scheduled for the 23rd of November.

Connoisseurs of the frenetic night life of the Argentinian capital, as well as concert promoters and club owners, put the blame not the music genre, but on the mediocre controls and poor regulations of venues in the city.  The tragedy at Time Warp festival bears striking similarities to the one Cromañón nightclub 12 years ago which was blamed on lax permit administration.

The Buenos Aires show is part of a three-date South American tour that will close the band’s performances for the year. As we all know, Kraftwerk is THE BOSS and is in the running for the Rock & Roll hall of fame in 2017.

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