Now women can drop their husbands at a nursery before shopping

A recently inaugurated mall in Shanghai installed a ‘husband nursery’ area where women can leave their partners while they go shopping.

Sounds like a win/win situation. Husbands are spared from deep emotional trauma and the wife can shop peacefully without some dead-weight constantly nagging about the prices or insisting on having a second look into the sales bin.

One of the biggest challenges about living as a couple is to stand each other throughout the holidays. Even the most epic and rosy of love stories is put to the test on the floor of a mall. If you can wait in stoic silence for two hours while your special other tries out the same pair of shoes in 10 different stores, then you know it’s true love.

The pain is captured in its whole wretched dimension in the Instagram account Miserable men. With a whopping 277k followers, they delight the internet by posting pictures depicting the purgatory men go through when accompanying their spouses to the mall. The things we do for you ladies…

Now it seems the Vanke shopping mall in Shanghai has taken notice of so much suffering in the world and has created a cure for this serious epidemic. They’ve destined an area in their third floor to create a ‘husband nursery’.

This magical place is equipped with TVs, massage chairs and a fridge full of snacks and refreshments. This particular innovation has been aptly named, “Husband Storage Room.”

What I can’t help asking now is… why go shopping together in the first place? What if it’s the spouse the one who hates shopping? Do women have entry to this safe haven? Does that fridge have beer? …ahh the essential questions in life.