D.D. Dumbo’s debut album is one we should be excited for

Utopia Defeated is the debut album from D.D. Dumbo, the moniker of Oliver Hugh Perry who hails from Castlemaine Victoria.

Perry is one of those annoyingly talented multi-instrumentalist types, and his new album is textured, abstract, and overall a pretty brilliant display of his musical prowess.

On a whole, the album can be a little uninviting at first, especially in the current indie music environment that champions more minimal and methodic compositions. But if you give in to the meandering and abstract style, you’ll find that the album reaches out to the listener once the hooks take hold. Everything is tracked live which gives the album an untamed energy and his lyrics are abstract and definitely out there.

In terms of points of comparison, you’ll immediately hear a lot of similarities to Sting in Perry’s voice. There’s also a bit of Jeff Buckley and Gotye in there. His guitar work is absolutely top notch.