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These trippy comics make sarcastic jokes at life’s guilty pleasures

Bjenny Montero is a Melbourne-born artist whose work ranges from playful cartoons to trippy psychedelic works.

Utilising anthropomorphism (a word I haven’t used since high school), he produces cartoons that are sometimes sweet, sometimes funny, and often melancholy in tone. But whether it’s frogs dreaming about pizza or dogs wistfully discussing vintage rock, his work always manages to hit you right in the feels. Perfect rainy day viewing.

Music plays a big part in the subject matter of Montero’s cartoons, and because of this, it’s not surprising that he’s been commissioned to do art for acts that lean towards vintage sounds. Pond, Kurt Vile, Mac DeMarco are just some that have sourced Montero, resulting in complementing works that are intricate and wild.

He’s also a pretty sweet musician, and releases music under the moniker ‘Montero’. His tunes have a similar vintage and melancholy feel to his visual works and are well worth a listen.