Australian artist Wishes talks about his latest single ‘Settle’

John Towey, or better known as singer and songwriter Wishes, is on a roll.

The Sydney-based musician made his debut last year with his single I Want To Be Alone With You, and has since topped Spotify’s charts (eight on the Spotify Global Viral Chart, to be exact).

Wishes has recently released his second single, called Settle. It features a colourful music video highlighting dance and Auslan (Australian Sign Language).

“Auslan is its own distinctive language, the structure of sentences and grammar is quite different to English, which provided an interesting parallel, given that the song itself references the idea of miscommunication,” explained director Josh Harris.

We had the opportunity to talk to Wishes to find out more about his latest single.

Tell us about the new single: sonic inspiration? lyrical inspiration?

“Sonically I had been listening to a lot of current electronic dance and pop music which influenced the tones and textures of the piece. Groups like Mike Snow, Tame Impala, Neon Indian, Jamie xx etc.

“A big part of the musicality of song is its chord progression – when I was in my late teens, I played a lot of jazz guitar as part of my music studies, and during this year I’d gone back and learnt a bunch of charts that I knew forever ago.

Settle was very influenced by this and has long jazz chord progression in the chorus, which is unusual given it’s a poppy track. It resulted in the song having a bit of a jazzy/bossa nova feel.”

What have you been listening to lately?

“Frank Ocean’s Blonde, D. D. Dumbo’s new album Utopia Defeated, Tourist’s album U are all on heavy rotation for me. Justice we’re a big duo for me when they first came out, so I’m looking forward to their new album. Randy is a ripper of a track.”

If you could play a dream gig, with two other acts past and present, who would be the opener and the headline act and why?

“I’ll go for one present, which would be Neon Indian opening. I’m a huge fan and played on some of his Australian tour last year and it was a dream come true. The added element of having him open would be a full circle career realisation moment.

“Headlining would be Bowie. I was a big fan growing up, and since his passing I’ve gone on a Bowie binge and he really was the greatest.”

What’s next for Wishes?

“An EP! I’m hoping to be super productive over the next couple of months and put something out early next year. Having now done two singles, I’m very much looking forward to putting out a body of work. This year has been about putting together and refining a live show, and I’m also hoping to play around Australia over the next coming months.”

You can find out more about Wishes and his music here.