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ZANEROBE is down to earth with its new collection

With their new season, Aussie streetwear brand ZANEROBE goes back to its roots with clothes fit for the entire crew.

This line is a loving tribute to the community – nay, the fam – behind the label’s success. They’ve created pieces that are earthy, natural, and unpretentious; things that matter to their loyal following.

“We’ve grown up a lot as a brand, with a loyal crew and fan-base to thank”, said Design Director, Luke Scott. “They’re family to us and this campaign is a tribute to their many years of unwavering support.”

The new designs include items like the Sharpshot Chino and the contemporary utility pant, the Blockshot denim. ZANEROBE will also be rolling out a campaign that involves multiple road trips and events, allowing the ‘Z’ crew to connect better to the community.

We talked to Scott to find out more about their new collection.

Tell us how a new range comes to be, from the timing to the conception to the choice, colours, and patterns?

“It takes a full 12 months for a collection to go from concept to dropping in-store or onto our website. Early on, it’s a journey of discovery, looking at where we want to be as a brand.

“For me, our brand DNA is so strong that I rarely seek out or am influenced by external influences. It’s more an evolution of style: our guy has been loving this, so what is he going to love next; where is he going to be happy progressing to; what’s going to inspire and excite him?

“Three months in we’ll be working our colour and new designs, matching fabrics developed from scratch or sourced from a market in Japan to a new pant or jacket silhouette designed in Sydney or re-engineered in our Los Angeles and New York studios. It’s critical to have a perfect match between fabric and pattern as it sets the tone for the season.

“Equally important is achieving the right balance between final wash techniques and the final garment colour. All this occurs four to five months into the process, so the pressure is on to get everything right at that point – matching the conceptual expectations with the final design. More often than not we get it right but it’s certainly a challenge we’re always up for!”

The promo for this range is very gritty/urban/edgy. What’s the overarching message behind the new release?

“It is a little more real and gritty, you’re right. This season, we’ve really stripped it back to what matters to us and our crew – the essential elements, designed and constructed without compromise. The aesthetic is organic and down-to-earth. I guess you could say we’re designing with ourselves in mind rather than trying to achieve unwarranted hype, which there’s a lot of in our industry of late.

“The campaign itself editorialises the adventures of our crew over the next six months. We documented their journey, which I’ve been told has a surprise twist at the end. All will be revealed as the season unfolds.”

Ripped jeans are back in. Thank god for that. Is this a homage to the grungy early ‘90s aesthetic that many of us were so involved with at the time?

“Yeah, a little of the ’90s throwback but essentially our ripped denim and distressing techniques amplifies the earthy-organic feel of our design vision and brand DNA. Pigment-dyed tees, deconstructed jackets, raw hems – it’s all about creating that unpretentious, down-to-earth feel.”

I’m sure you’re already well advanced towards your next range. Any clues as to what lies ahead for ZANEROBE over the next year?

“Without giving away too much, the future for us is about continuing along the same lines – keeping it real. But the plan is to inject newness and innovation at every step – re-engineering what we love to continually keep our work relevant and fresh. Easier said than done, but again, we’re up for the challenge and we do it to satisfy the wolf pack.”

Thanks to our friends at ZANEROBE, we have $1,000 worth of new styles to give away to one lucky Lost At E Mnor reader. Simply register with ZANEROBE below to be in with the chance to win. Entries close November 30, 2016. One entry per person. Best of luck!


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