Director Romain Gervais releases new epic music video for Jamie xx

Music videos seem like a tricky medium to nail down, but Romain Gavras has a pretty good track record.

Previously he made videos for M.I.A. and was behind the controversial award-winning ‘Born Free’ video. He also did the visuals for ‘Bad Gals’ which involved a whole lot of crazy car antics in the Middle East – the resulting work was heaps of fun.

True to form, his latest video for Jamie xx is jaw dropping. Providing visuals for ‘Gosh’, the video centres around a group of albinos who drive around barren cityscapes and eventually encounter a group of exceptionally choreographed children (a sentence I never thought I’d write).

The video was shot in Tianducheng, a location in China that attempts to emulate Paris, but comes off more barren dystopia. It’s as weird as it sounds.

Featuring hundreds of actors and a whole lot of drone shots, the video is huge in scale. What makes it most impressive is that no 3D-modeling or CGI was used. Keep that in mind when you watch it.