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Sydney designer makes one movie poster per day and it’s awesome

An Australian designer has challenged himself to create one movie poster per day for the whole of 2016. Talk about deadlines!

Pete Majarich is a Sydney-based graphic designer who’s garnered a lot of attention for his project, A movie poster a day. As of writing, he’s done 295 posters, depicting all kinds of films, from classics like The Deer Hunter and Chaplin’s The Great Dictator, to contemporary indie gems like Zack and Miri do a Porno and Garden State.

Majarich has also covered cult favorites like This is Spinal Tap and huge recent blockbusters like Guardians of the Galaxy.

Day 289: The Wolverine. #amovieposteraday

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His intention is to create an alternative, stylish version for each film, steering away from the official posters while staying faithful to the movie’s original concepts. In such a time-sensitive challenge, it’s understandable that he’s relied mostly on minimalism and pop art, with a strong emphasis on typography.

Yet what’s really impressive about his output is that he does delve into all sorts of aesthetics. For Spielberg’s AI, he even gave his design to Google’s Deep Dream Generator, with very interesting results.

The project is in a similar vein to Logo A Day by designer Miroslav Vujovic, who in 2013, decided to create 100 logos in 100 days. Other marathonic endeavor of the kind is César Kuriyama’s 1 Second Everyday, where he recorded one second of his life everyday for a whole year, with the result ending up being one of Youtube’s viral sensations of 2011 and sparking a highly successful Kickstarter to develop his own app.

Day 272: I Am Legend. #amovieposteraday

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Pete Majarich’s project has even earned a shout-out by Adobe and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences on their official Twitter accounts.

Majarich runs his own graphic design studio “Craft & Craft” from which you can purchase a print of his designs in 160 gsm matte coated paper signed by the artist.

Day 258: Sully. #amovieposteraday

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Day 266: A Clockwork Orange. #amovieposteraday

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Day 245: The Wolf of Wall St. #amovieposteraday

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Day 236: Moon. I've done this film before, but it's such a fave that I wanted to do it again with a bit more love. Created with the help of a Cinema4D astronaut model by Raoul Marks. Available as a print at craftandgraft.co #amovieposteraday

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Day 215. Argo. #amovieposteraday More @craftandgraft

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