Featured Image for Byron Bay artist NITSUA has transformed his city into a surreal artistic wonderland

Byron Bay artist NITSUA has transformed his city into a surreal artistic wonderland

You can’t escape NITSUA’s captivating and diverse body of work if you’ve ever been to Byron Bay, the jewel of New South Wales’ north coast.

His street art is as visually striking as it is compellingly thought-provoking, transforming the everyday into something extraordinary.

But that’s only the beginning of the creative tour de force that is NITSUA.

His stunning residential conceptual designs are in high-demand – most noticeably on display at The Tree House, an iconic restaurant in Belongil, while his graphic design work has earned him fans like Aussie rock gods, Wolfmother.

NITSUA’s known for blurring the lines between reality and fantasy, and we were lucky enough to pick his unique brain to discover what makes him tick.

Where does Nitsua come from and what does it symbolize for you in an artistic context?

NITSUA is my name backwards – creatively, it’s how I’ve always signed my name.

You do murals around Byron Bay. How supportive is the community there of your art and the art scene in general?

Yeah it’s mad! The majority of the town is right behind the street art scene. I’ve also tried to push the envelope where I can in areas where it’s still an emerging scene, such as the Bayleaf Cafe wall down Marvel St.

Four years ago I pitched that we start a movement where a new artist paints a new piece there every 4 months. I was the first to ever paint there and now it’s an iconic spot for street art.

Also, the Mayor Simon Richardson has approached me a few times about doing some work around town & I’m pretty sure he’s the reason why I’ve landed a few council jobs. H’es originally from Melbourne so he understands the concept of street art – the power it has to beautify a once-dead space & what it can give back to the community.

What can we expect from your show at Fostered?

Prescribed Dreaming is the name of my show – it’s based upon my own creative prescription to a free way of my own dream channel. On this channel you will find some of the subjects that have inspired me.

Some of these are previous works along with some new ones. To give you a little glimpse, some of the subjects you’ll find are local band Wolfmother, Led Zeppelin, one massive cat, a glorified beetle, some ocean time & the free falling nature of waterfalls to name a few.

You’re a big fan of skateboard art. Who are some of the artists in that medium who have inspired you over the years?

Skateboards were a medium for me for like six years. I used to run a brand called Early Skateboards where it was a lot more than just creating the art for the product.

In that time I was stoked to see a lot of the more old school decks from the skate shop I worked in. Even at that early stage I was more inspired by street artists and what they were doing – I looked more at the techniques & styles that Blu or Madsteeze were going for and melted it into my own thing.

NITSUA’s Prescribed Dreaming exhibition will launch on 27th October at 5:30pm at Fostered Gallery in Surry Hills and run until 10th November. Find out more about the event here.

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Old school table restoration, paint & epoxy resin with @bradeastman rug. For a new shop in Byron @earth.star #vintagefurniture #70's #flowerpower #restoration #stencilart #belton #molotow #beastman #nitsua

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