Yep, “Spacing Out” is officially a sport in South Korea

You may not feel like you’ve done much today if you spent it on the couch staring into the abyss.

However, if you were in South Korea it would actually be considered a sport!

Yep, since beginning life as a conceptual art piece in 2014, the annual South Korean Space Out Competition has been seeing people flock to Seoul’s Ichon Hangang Park to do absolutely nothing at all.

For this years event, almost 2000 applicants applied for one of the 70 spaces in the competition; going head to head with competitors to achieve the calmest heartbeat.

Contestants aren’t allowed to use technology, sleep or laugh during the competition, but can take time out for a quick drink or trip to the bathroom.

Visual artist WoopsYang is behind the idea, which originally came about in response to South Korea’s alarmingly high stress and suicide rates. Yet the event went global in 2015, with 80 people taking part in a Beijing competition.

We think it’s about time that the Space Out Competition came to Australia.

Via Hypebeast


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