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These ballsy fishermen ‘wrestled’ with a stranded shark to save its life

In South Africa, a bunch of fishermen risked life and limb after a shark got caught in their net and decided to drag it back to sea.

The images, taken by Chris and Monique Fallows in Muizenberg beach in Cape Town, show a massive Bronze Whaler Shark thrashing along the shore as its rescuers struggle to pull it back into the water. Fortunately, the men were able to avoid getting bit as they finally set the eight-foot-long, 500-pound beast free.

According to the BBC, the country is home to over 90 shark species – including the Great White. Since the 1900s, there have been 500 shark attack incidents in South Africa, most of which were unprovoked and not fatal.

While sharks really are fearsome creatures, they don’t actively look to kill humans like in the Jaws films. The attacks that happen are chance interactions, which can be avoided by being aware and alert.

“It is safe to get into the water but you always need to be careful,” said Zig Zag magazine editor Calvin Bradley.