The new Aussie $5 note can actually play vinyl records

Here’s your new favourite party trick, Australia. You’re welcome.

The Reserve Bank of Australia announced last year that, for the first time in 15 years, Australia is getting a new $5 note.

A lot of people weren’t stoked about the new design (especially the Queen still being on there), but it comes with a whole new suite of fancy features – one of them being that you can use the currency to play records on a vinyl player.

When you hold the plastic note at a certain angle, it performs the same function as the needle.

The National Film and Sound Archive of Australia (NFSA) gave it a whirl on their Youtube channel – succesully playing ‘Brit’s Blues’ by Red Norvo:

While it’s certainly pretty damn cool, the NFSA recommend you don’t try it out on your favourite records in case it damages them.

The new $5 bills will have a tactile feature to help people with a vision impairment figure out which note is which as well as enhanced security upgrades to help in the fight against counterfeit currency.