Featured Image for Black ice-cream is the new #foodporn on Instagram!

Black ice-cream is the new #foodporn on Instagram!

With ice cream, the colour is key in figuring out what the hell the flavour is supposed to be. You’ve got red for strawberry, yellow for lemon, and then a spectrum of browns for flavours caramel and dark chocolate. But what about black ice cream?

Everyone’s happy that white is the bog standard vanilla, but the only flavour that vaguely comes to mind when confronted with black ice cream is wipe-clean PVC. Hardly mouthwatering unless you’re into that kind of thing…

Luckily, the black ice-cream that’s currently making the rounds on social media is actually a curious but not unappetising new flavour called Black Coconut Ash.

Served at New York’s Morgenstern’s Finest Ice Cream, the charcoal-coloured dessert doesn’t contain black dye but is genuinely made from the “charred and processed remains of a coconut shell.”

There are debates whether any of the suggested health benefits are real. Regardless, if you think ‘activated charcoal’ is detoxifying or not, there’s still a lot to be said for eating something that looks like the batmobile put through a blender.

It’s also supposed to be surprisingly refreshing, the perfect edible accessory for your black soul on a hot summer day.

Via Tech Times

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