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Women’s only capsule hotel in Japan lets fangirls “sleep” with cute anime boys

Japanese pop culture often reminds me of Charlie Sheen. It’s unpredictable, occasionally awesome, sometimes downright weird and is probably fuelled by ‘Tiger blood.’

It should come as no surprise then that there is now a hotel where you can ‘sleep’ with anime stars.

Before you let your mind wander into the depths of the Tokyo sewers, the sleeping is purely the restful kind.

Akihabara Bay Hotel, a women-only capsule hotel, has joined forces with anime ‘King of Prism’, to adorn the walls of each capsule with characters from the popular ‘Pretty Rhythm’ franchise spin-off.

It’s not the first time the Akihabara Bay Hotel has done a promotion of this kind.

The hotel opened on May 26, 2016, and for its launch, Akihabara Bay Hotel collaborated with the animated cast of the hugely popular Japanese mobile game ‘Ensemble Stars!’

That promotion was a huge success and has seen the capsule hotel become one of the most popular for women in the region.

Things have stepped up this time, though. Now visitors have the chance to take the intimate anime experience home with them.

Every guest that stays in a ‘King of Prism’ capsule receives a serial code that allows them to purchase identical life-size stickers online to put in their rooms at home. That means female fans of the popular franchise can quite literally go home with their anime loves, and if you’re a female anime fan it doesn’t get more manga-ificent then that! (Sorry).

The special rooms are located on the fifth floor of the hotel and capsules can be chosen by character selection at the time of booking. For those who are perhaps a tad more frigid and don’t want to share a room with the anime hunks, the boys also appear on the walls of the common areas throughout the hotel.

Booking a capsule at Akihabara Bay Hotel will set you back anywhere between 3,300 yen ($40 AUD) and 6,500 yen ($85 AUD) depending on the time you book. Fortunately, your taste in character won’t affect the price!

If you’re interested in shacking up with one of the captivating cartoons you will need to do so before September 30, you can make a booking with the Akihabara Bay Hotel.

It’s only a matter of time before the Western World takes inspiration from the innovation of Japan and opens some Twilight themed capsule hotels. Will you be on team Jacob or team Edward?

Akihabara Bay Hotel's King of Prism anime capsules
King of Prism anime character in a capsule

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