Featured Image for There’s a secret mural on the floor of this Sydney garage

There’s a secret mural on the floor of this Sydney garage

In street art, getting noticed means putting your work up in the biggest cities and on the most prominent walls. But, even as the popularity of street art reaches its zenith, it’s good to know that there’s still room for artists that pay no mind to such things.

Fin DAC is one of those artists. He prefers scouring the globe to find secret spots to decorate with his own brand of street art which he calls Urban Aesthetics.

His Hidden Beauties series plays with the accepted notions of street art and the way its lauded and promoted. Hidden walls, secret courtyards, abandoned ships, and even jungle rooftops from LA to Hong Kong, Miami to Wales have all received the Fin DAC treatment.

More often than not, the murals can’t be seen with the naked eye or at the very least require a certain amount of ingenuity or tenacity on the part of the viewer. The artist himself employs ‘making of’ videos, using time-lapse and drone footage, to tell the stories of these secret pieces.

His latest installment is a mural entitled Koibito. It’s a noble but serene-looking geisha painted on the floor of a carpark nestled in lush vegetation on a back street in Sydney.

“The view from that drone dictated what I painted. For me, the way those palm trees overhung the space made the area look like a scene from Memoirs of a Geisha” he told us.

To get an idea of the scale just check the photo above where you can see Fin DAC putting the finishing touches to the geisha’s sleeve.

For intrepid explorers the mural can be found in Seaforth, NSW. Check the video for more clues on its location. Happy hunting!