Featured Image for Look at this bird wearing tiny snowshoes to make walking easier

Look at this bird wearing tiny snowshoes to make walking easier

When the volunteers over at the California Wildlife Center (CWC) found a young mocking bird that needed help, they knew what first aid item to use: snowshoes.

The little bird had a common condition that caused her feet to knuckle, making it hard for her to get around. So her rescuers cut out some cardboard in the shape of snowshoes. The solution was as effective as it was adorable.

“We needed to train her feet back to how they should be,” CWC vet Duane Tom told The Dodo. “Essentially, we used pieces of cardboard to tape her toes into their proper position. It usually takes a week or two of wearing the snowshoes before their feet are back to normal.”

After some physical therapy – and a ton of photo ops – the mockingbird’s feet eventually healed and was able to go back into the wild.

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