Climate Inaction Figures: toys based on politicians messing up the world

Climate Inaction Figures are the toys no one ever wanted, but keep on getting every year.

The collection features seven (in)action figures based on some of the leaders f*cking up our planet. Each comes with a super weapon, oft used in their fight against logic and reason. These include Ted Cruz and his Anti-Science Shield, Sarah Palin and her Drill Sword, and of course, Donald Trump and his infallible Twitter account.

“We really want to highlight how absurd it is that people are doing nothing,” explained campaign creators Cabot Norton and Arturo Aranda. “Everyone we did choose is on record expressing doubt—if not hostility—at the notion of taking action on curtailing climate emissions.”

The two, who worked with the team behind the Emmy Award-winning documentary Years of Living Dangerously, hope to make us realise that we can actually do something about climate change. They are also encouraging audiences to visit Climate Solution, an initiative that pushes for government to put a price on carbon.

If for some strange reason you want to have a Climate Inaction Figure, these toys can never be bought – unless, of course, you’re a giant oil company.