Featured Image for Palestinians are using Pokemon GO to show the realities of war

Palestinians are using Pokemon GO to show the realities of war

Most people play Pokemon GO for fun. Palestinians, on the other hand, are using the wildly popular app to raise awareness about war.

More and more Palestinians are using the game to show the world what it’s like to live in Palestine today. It has emerged as a dark trend among netizens to depict the tense Palestine-Israel conflict.

One Twitter user (@msalimkassam) shared an image of himself trying to catch a Pikachu. The picture, shows the Pokemon lying lifeless on top of a rubble with its health status being ‘DEAD’.

The depressing image’s caption reads: What #PokemonGO looks like in Gaza, Palestine.

Drawing inspiration from the game’s concept, one guy doodled a rare Charizard that appeared on the other side of the wall. The Apartheid Wall is a separation barrier that isolates Israeli West Bank from Palestine territory. Thus, whoever tries to catch the Pokemon would receive an ‘Apartheid Error’.

Some have used the app to comment on how Israeli forces are gunning down civilians in the country. One Facebook user stated that if he tries to catch Pokémon down in the settlement, he will be shot.

“Israel doesn’t need PokémonGo, it hunts Palestinians for fun. With 99.7% conviction rate of Palestinians by Israel.. gotta catch ’em all” said one tweet (@MariamBarghouti)

Meanwhile, the Israeli regime has issued a warning to soldier against the craze. According to Haaretz, the military has forbidden its forces from checking in to the game within military bases.

The department is having security concerns with the game, as it needs to access players’ location and camera to function. The Information Security Department even dubbed the game as “a source for gathering information.”

They fear that soldiers might reveal sensitive information such as the location of the base as well as army operations. Soldiers are also warned against fake applications that impersonate the game.