Cosplay of a realistic LEGO man is here to haunt your childhood

If you thought stepping on a LEGO brick was horrifying, just wait ‘til you get a load of this.

The guys from Adam Savage’s Tested recently created a LEGO mini-fig cosplay for this year’s San Diego Comic Con. But instead of giving it that trademark yellow skin and cartoonish features, they made it like a real human.

The costume, made by special effects artists Frank Ippolito and Norman Chan, includes realistic flesh, with dark eyes that appear to gaze deep into your soul. Oh, and let’s not forget about those pincer-like hands. Oh my god!

The ‘Creepy Fig’ was taken around the convention, where attendees (especially the children) surprisingly didn’t flee in a panic.

“Kind of like an alternate universe, [I imagined] what it would have been if in the multiverse there’s another world that’s all Lego-inspired people,” said Ippolito.

Check out the following video to see the disturbing mascot in action.

Via Tested

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