Featured Image for Jelly floral lipsticks are now taking Instagram by storm!

Jelly floral lipsticks are now taking Instagram by storm!

What’s the latest beauty obsession that’s dominating social media these days? Something you’d never expect: Jelly flower lipsticks.

Created by cosmetic brand, Kailijumei, these mesmerising flowery lip pouts are infused with gold specks and contain real miniature flowers.

At first glance, they look like magical glass caskets embedded with enchanted flowers that sparkle. Yet, the ‘magical’ appearances of the products are not the sole reason why they’ve become so popular. People are talking about them because they can change colours!

They change colour based on temperature. These floral lipsticks impart a pinkish tint to your lips that vary according to your body temperature. The warmer you are, the brighter the shade of the pink is.

They come in three different shades: Flame Red, Pink Barbie Power, Dream Purple, and Minute Maid. The lipsticks, however, are just ranges of pinkish lip tints. You probably won’t like the colour if you’re not that into barbie pink.

The products consist of natural ingredients such as cocoa butter and lavender oil, which are typically used to relieve dry skin.

According to Allure, the science behind cosmetics that can change shades mainly revolve around a common ingredient that has been around for decades – Red 27, a pH-driven colourless dye. When the dye comes into contact with moisture and skin, the dye will turn bold pink.

Sadly, these floral lipsticks are now completely sold out on the Kalijiumei’s web page. But, they are still available for pre-order on the site for AUS$39 (US$30).

The company has advised customers to be careful about counterfeit products. Although they are cheaper, fake replicas may possess harmful chemicals.

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My beautiful @kailijumei #clearlipsticks came in! ? I got Barbie Doll Powder and Hot Pink (retails for $30 each). These are so pretty and change to a #hotpink or barbie pink color once applied on your lips. ? They feel very moisturizing on the lips and I feel like they work as a tint! Do you have these?! Will you be getting some?! #kailijumei #jellylipstick

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Our lippies finally arrived!!! #chio #excited #kailijumei ?❤️?❤️?❤️?

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