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“How people shower” memes are insensitive but they are hilarious!

Back in 2013, a guy named Arthur posted a Vine parodying how British people shower, and it was hilarious! In the six-second Vine video, he plays on Brit stereotypes, and make fun of how they can’t leave their tea behind – even when they’re in the shower!

Because the internet is, well, the internet, other people shared their showering routine too! Thus, resulting in series of ridiculously funny memes.

People would mock the outrageous stereotypes oft labeled on their ethnicity. Playing with cultural clichés, they would represent them in these shower memes in the most humorous way!

Americans showering with guns, Icelanders bathing with their spears, and Filipinos bathroom singing with their karaoke. There are also Canadians who apologise while taking a shower, and uhhm, Asian girls who get attacked by tentacles!

Some people even poke fun of subcultures such as Otaku and nerds. So, how do Otaku take their baths? Well, with his Waifu pillow, of course! As for nerds? With their RPG dice. Ouch.

Some of these memes can appear  insensitive when it comes to poking fun on cultural pigeonholes. But, you just can’t deny the fact that they can be just outright funny!