You can now grow your own sanitary pad using bacteria

What if I told you that in the future, you’ll be able to grow and harvest living culture to make your own sanitary pad? I know, it sounds sordid, but you’d be impressed to see what it can do to help support female intimate health.

London-based student designer, Giulia Tomasello has proposed a cool concept: Future Flora. The kit uses bacteria, considered as ‘beneficial’ to the human body, to create the sanitary pad. It’s a groundbreaking idea that might shape the future of feminine hygiene products.

The designer revealed that her creation aims to celebrate the bond between the human body and its microflora.

“Microbes, bacteria, fungi and viruses are all part of our natural skin flora,” she said on the project page.

Tomasello said that our bodies are becoming weaker against infection these days. This is because good bacteria are being washed away by the strong chemical-based soap we used on daily basis. Thus, she created Future Flora aiming to combat it.

The Future Flora kit includes an Agar jelly-like pad and a harvesting kit. With the tools provided, users can grow Lactobacillus bacteria on the surface of the jelly-pad, which can later be worn like a normal sanitary napkin.

“By placing the pad in contact with the female genitalia, the healthy bacteria grows on the surface of the infected area, reconstructing the microflora missing in the vagina epithelium and maintaining a lower pH level in the vaginal area,” Tomasello told Dezeen.

Apart from helping our body keep a healthy balance of good bacteria, it also fights against common Candida yeast infection such as vaginal thrush.

Tomasello also hopes that this will encourage women to be responsible for their own menstrual hygiene management. “The kit has been designed to allow women to establish, nurture and harvest their very own personal skin flora at home,” she added.

This groundbreaking concept was revealed at the Central Saint Martin’s year-end exhibition last month.  The designer created it as her graduation project.

You can read more about the Future Flora project here or check out the designer’s other work via her website.

Via Dezeen

You can now grow your own sanitary pad using bacteria
You can now grow your own sanitary pad using bacteria
You can now grow your own sanitary pad using bacteria