How VR is going to take us Beyond the Frame

When you’re at the start of a revolution, it’s almost impossible to predict where things are going to end up, or what the full impact is going to be – and that’s certainly the case with virtual reality.

The burgeoning technology has been flagged as the next big step for a number of years now, but with companies like Samsung bringing the technology to us in its full, experiential glory – and for a relative pittance – the VR revolution is in full swing.

It’s perhaps the biggest change to filmmaking since the introduction of colour – as VR creator Chris Milk puts it, “We’ve never had a moment like this, in our lifetimes, where a new artform, a new medium, is born.”

And this new medium brings with it new challenges: how do you write, direct and film in a way that takes full advantage of this totally immersive way of creating?

Milk has discovered one of the most powerful aspects of VR is its power to deliver empathy. When you are so completely immersed in a person’s story, you don’t just see it – you live it.

In partnership with Samsung, VICELAND is showcasing a series of videos on their digital and TV platform along with a documentary they created about Chris Milk and his company.

We’re particularly excited about The Source, a film by charity: water.

The premise is as follows: “13-year-old Selam used to walk miles each day to bring water to her family, struggling to make time for her schoolwork too. Experience the, transformation of her Ethiopian community as a well bearing fresh water is dug for the first time.”

To experience these projects in Samsung VR go here, and for the Point of View documentary go here.