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Wow, there is a ‘Gangnam Style’ statue in South Korea!

The king of K-Pop, PSY, now has a Gangnam Style statue in honour of his worldwide raging success.

The sculpture was unveiled at the opening of Coex Mall, an underground shopping centre situated in the upmarket of southern Seoul. It’s located at the eastern patio of the mall, where the music video was shot.

The bronze statue shows two fists overlapping each other. It’s modelled after the iconic horse-riding hand motion depicted in the music video.

When visitors approach the statue, sensor devices around the sculpture are triggered. It will then turn on multi-coloured flashing lights and blast PSY’s famous tune.

The sculpture was built to honour the artist’s contribution to K-Pop’s wider influence in Western media.

“I will make the (Gangnam) special tourist zone a must-visit destination for travellers from all around the world,” said Shin Yeon-hee, Gangnam Ward chief.

She also revealed that the district office will organise a cultural musical event: the Gangnam Festival in October.

PSY’s iconic horse-riding dance became a viral sensation back in 2012. Its music video remains as YouTube’s most watched footage ever. It has racked up over 2.6 billion views on the website to date.

Via Yonhap News