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This house in Japan looks like a giant milk carton

In the quiet town of Mirasaka in Japan, a family has found a clever way to let everyone know they sell dairy products: by making their house look like a giant milk carton.

The home, with its colourful façade and iconic shape, stands out like a sore thumb amongst more traditional Japanese houses. Tourists flock to this sleepy neighbourhood looking to take pictures of the three-story abode modelled after the famous brand Mainichi Gyunyu.

It’s been around for the past 30 years and locals say the family who lives in it does milk deliveries around the area.

No word on whether the house has photos of missing persons on the back.

妹の旦那さんの実家がある広島の、大迫牛乳店(MILK shop)の写真を妹に送ってもろた。ァガル。町の家とか店も全部パックにすれば面白いのに。森永のマミーの家があったら住んでみたいし。3日間だけ。

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こんなとこ知らんかったよー!超可愛い(*‘ω‘ *)

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#毎日牛乳 #牛乳#milk きんきんに冷えてるのに十分な濃厚さ おいしいおいしいおいしい 水代わりにいけるけど 後味濃厚❤

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